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Rhetorical Studies Reading Group

at the university of illinois

Ideas for future meetings:

-contemporary issues: perspectives on “Occupy Wallstreet;” presidential campaign, etc.

-topics: session on on rhetorics of “rogues and troll;” non-western rhetorics/ comparative rhetorics; regional rhetorics;

-journal-devoted sessions: for example, read 2 or 3 articles “representative” of what a particular journal does; let’s us learn more about what particular journals do, publish, etc

-guests: alumni, others


Discussion of the essays on human rights:

-CARA: RSQ a journal that intentionally ‘bridges’ communication and english; and ‘human rights’ is ‘hot’ right now

-Mark/Rohini: Royster essay connects “civil rights” to “human rights” rhetoric ; also opens up a clear international discourse with regard to “civil rights”;

-David: asks if we can apply of “human dignity” relatively fluidly to non-American, non-European peoples? More generally, others ask, what are the boundaries of “civil rights?” And what are the connections and/or differences b/t “civil rights” and “human rights”?

-General discussion about distinction b/t ‘witnessing’ and ‘testifying,’ or their conflation.

-Jillian asks about “regional bleedover” within the scholarship.

-Melissa: “feel good” nature of scholarship; ethics of scholarship–or ethical orientation of our scholarship.

-Peter discusses Patton’s quote: “As Eurocentric as is the human rights discourse in which such international collaborations do their work, when compared to the technocratic Western science whose statistical simulation of population is historically intertwined with a eugenicist impulse, the bricolage of interests assembled underneath the UN proclamations remain the most viable, or at least the most continuous, for creating the linkage that might begin to level the global health playing field (Said).” [254] Cara asks, “Can rhetoric scholarship account for the bricolage?”


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