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Rhetorical Studies Reading Group

at the university of illinois

As the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations enter their fifth week on the global stage, I find them continually fascinating, especially in light of some of the discussions we’ve had in Professor Finnegan’s seminar on the Public this semester.

Since #OWS was brought up as a topic of interest to the reading group, I thought some of you might be interested in reading a couple of rhetoricians’ observations on the subject. These are courtesy of Jennifer Mercieca’s recent post on the Blogora:

• The first is a short blog post by Robert Hariman in which he discusses the extent to which we should see the #OWS protests and their ideas of compassion as revolutionary.

• The second is a piece by Dr. Mercieca comparing the Occupiers to the American Revolutionaries.

• I also like this post from Mike Konczal who gathered 15 definitions of “freedom” as spoken by 15 #OWS protestors.

Dr. Mercieca’s post on the Blogora (linked above) includes a couple of other interesting pieces and a call to rhetorical scholars to post their own thoughts on the protests.

Feel free to add any good pieces you’ve been reading.



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