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Rhetorical Studies Reading Group

at the university of illinois

Great turnout to hear Catherine Squires talk about her work last night! It was a wonderful discussion, and I know Catherine appreciated getting feedback on this developing project.

Last night we confirmed that our final meeting will be after Thanksgiving Break, and that we’ll take up 2-3 examples of discourse coming out of the Occupy Wall Street efforts. The plan is to  engage directly with primary sources (e.g.,  texts, images, video, performances produced by OWS-ers, criticism of OWS, etc.) and see what our collective rhetorical minds can discern. Paul McKean and Katie Irwin have offered to “curate” the evening; if you want to help them, or have ideas about texts for analysis, please contact them at or Paul recently posted a few examples of others’ analysis here on the blog.

As for identifying a meeting date, I have put up a survey at Survey Monkey. Please fill it out, indicating your preferred date as well as 1-2 alternatives. Once the community has weighed in, we’ll identify the best time to meet.


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