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Rhetorical Studies Reading Group

at the university of illinois

Greetings fellow RSRG-ers!

Katie Irwin, Anita Mixon, and I have compiled a few pieces of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) rhetoric for our next meeting. Hopefully we’ll all get a chance to glance at them before we get together and discuss.

1.)   The AdBusters original call to Occupy Wall Street.

2.)   Selected Images from the “We are the 99%” Tumblr blog. Check out the blog here first: . Then see the following PDF for our selected images and text:

3.)   A selected issue of the “Occupied Wall Street Journal.” This is a “newspaper” created on the ground in New York that has been distributed online and in print. Peruse this issue to get a sense of how the movement is defining and talking about itself.

4.)   This “Solidarity Statement from Cairo” was posted on the NY General Assembly web page.

5.)   The “Declaration of the Occupation of New York City.” This document was approved by the OWS NY General Assembly on September 29, 2011 amidst calls for the movement to release its “demands.” Also note the fascinating visual representation of the “Declaration” below the text.


The OWS NY General Assembly’s FAQ Page. This page is considered “For Your Edification,” if you need a refresher or a primer on the Occupy Wall Street Movement (and how they are defining themselves).

Finally, a big thanks to Cara Finnegan, Katie Irwin, and Anita Mixon for their hard work and their assistance in putting these readings together.

We hope that you find these selections as intriguing as we do. Have a wonderful NCA and Thanksgiving, and we will see you all in December!

-Paul McKean


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